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Graduation Gifts for Him Fully Body Customizable 1 Person Custom Brick Figures Small Particle Block Man

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$25.95 $52.00 10% OFF 2ND with 1 Father Brick Figure


Celebrate his graduation with this unique gift! Fully customize the blockheads to give him a personalized keepsake he can treasure for years to come. Perfect for that special man in your life, this Graduation Gifts for Him set is the perfect way to show your appreciation.


  • The selection of photos is the beginning of the design of the Brick Figures, upload the front, full body, clear, no cover, wearing bright colors, patterned figure photos will be a better choice.
  • The scope of customization includes the character's hairstyle, expression, clothing, conventional accessories, simple actions, and so on. For complex accessories, hand-held items, gestures, etc., may not be well restored, we will try to restore within the structure of the building blocks for you. The production scope doesn't include the big decorations of the image, such as tables, chairs, musical instruments, animals, etc
  • The size is the stature of the person standing from head to toe, isn't the actual height of the person while sitting or lying.
  • Material: ABS Eco-friendly

Since this product is a customized product, it is designed and produced 1 to 1. Once sold, it cannot be sold again. Therefore:

  • If you apply for a refund after placing an order and the order has not yet started to be designed, a full refund is available.
  • If you apply for a refund after starting the design and before the product starts production, 50% of the money will be refunded.
  • Please understand that if the product has already started production, you cannot apply for a refund or return.
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