About Us - MyPhotoWallet
Creates and delivers unique gifts of love
Many times many people do not know how to express their hearts and love, a unique gift will solve this problem for you. With our service, you can upload your photo, add your own words, and order a personalized gift that will be unique to you and the person you're giving it to.
The MyPhotoWallet brand was established in 2019. We have always focused on making unique personalized gifts for customers, providing very competitive prices, and are committed to bringing a better shopping experience to customers around the world.
Our vision: Be your guest's favorite place to personalize gifts.
Our mission: Impress every guest.
We want every one of our customers to have a relaxing and wonderful experience because that's how shopping is done! If a customer is having difficulty placing an order or an existing order, our customer service team is happy to assist you and is always on hand to assist you and ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.
What We Can Bring To You
1. Price: We do not rely on third-party agents to sell goods, saving more costs and investing more in optimizing product quality
2. Service: We have a dedicated customer service team, and we will promptly give professional and patient answers to any questions in the customization process
3. Trustworthy: We serve more than 10W+ customers, and the repurchase rate of old customers is 30%. It is a very reliable wallet brand. The gifts of MyPhotoWallet can reflect your exclusive taste and are your preferred shopping experience. When you have someone you want to give a gift to, the first thing that comes to your mind is us.
Our Factory And Production Line
So whatever you're looking for, we plan to have it there for you. And if it's not, then hit us up and let us know, so we can negotiate or produce the best deal for you in no time. We are and would like to be here for YOU for a lifetime.
Legal name of business: SOUFEEL JEWELRY LIMITED
MyPhotoWallet is one of the websites of SOUFEEL JEWELRY LIMITED.
Address: Room D,10/F,Tower A,Billion Centre,1 Wang Kwong Road,Kowloon Bay,Kowloon,Hong Kong.
Customer service email: cs@myphotowallet.com
Whatever you need, it's right here on https://myphotowallet.com/